Machine Learning,Made Simple

Newron helps ML teams to observe, evaluate and fine-tune models in production through analytics and human feedback.

Newron.AI is here to be the best ML platform


Lightweight Integrations

Integrate Newron SDK to collect input, prediction, feedback, groundtruth and other metadata at scale to unlock actionable insights on model improvement. Free for academic and personal projects. No Credit Card required.

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Evaluate Model Performance

Collect user feedback and incorporate ground truth in real time or later to unlock actionable insights on how to improve your models.

Evaluate model performance in production.Capture explicit and implicit feedback.Incorporate Groundtruth.Discover areas where model is underperforming or biased.
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Machine Learning Delivered

Ship the "next big thing" with confidence and deliver awesomeness to your users by continuosly improving the model as it interacts with the real world. Production is always different but rest easy as Newron automatically monitors for model quality to alert only when necessary.

Continuous model improvement with ground truth.Analyze feedback and data.Make sense of unstructured data.Set up alerts when things go wrong.
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