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Delivering tailored LLM's which solve real world problems

Revolutionizing Enterprise Solutions with Tailored Language Models, Secure Deployments, and Unparalleled Support for Solving Real-World Challenges in the AI-driven Era.

Generative AI made simple

It's time to shift focus from the complexities of generative AI to the improvement of your product. Here at Newron, we eliminate the fuss and put an end to constant experimentation, allowing you to begin delivering top-notch services promptly.

We ensure agility in the delivery of intelligent data solutions, providing comprehensive support so you can cease going in circles.

We are dedicated to helping machines comprehend your data, facilitating a smoother workflow for your organisation.

With our tailor-made Language Learning Models (LLMs), we adapt to your unique organisational needs, thereby assisting in achieving your objectives more efficiently.

In an increasingly data-driven world, our aim is to alleviate the pressure that accompanies the process of integrating AI. Our expertise lies in demystifying AI, making it accessible, and optimising its application to meet your needs.

Newron makes generative AI simple for enterprises
Newron's generative AI analysis on you data in real time


Unravel your data like never before!

Utilise our advanced AI for real-time answers and insights from your data. Merge multiple data sources for in-depth analysis. Predict trends, plot charts, and query your database in a familiar language. Make your data work smarter and faster for you.

Newron's generative AI growth tool for unearthing new business opportunities


Unearthing New Business Opportunities!

Discover the potential of Ron CRM, your tool for unearthing valuable customer pipelines from public resources. We've taken the traditional CRM and refined it into a chat-first interface, specifically optimised for proactive discovery. This empowers your business to foresee and seize lucrative opportunities, both within your organisation and in the broader market.

Newron's generative AI assistance tool for turning unstructured data into a knowledge bank


Turn your Unstructured Data into a Knowledge Bank

Confront the challenge of managing unstructured information like emails, memos, and reports head-on with Ron Assist. This tool consolidates diverse data into a scalable knowledge bank, ensuring organisation-wide understanding and quality control. Transform chaos into clarity and guarantee the coherence of your information flow.

Custom LLM for each business

Not all businesses are the same! Nor should be the LLM for it. We deliver pinpointed tuned models for each industry. Our custom engineered models perform a minimum 85%* more accurate than general purpose models.

Secure deployment options for custom LLMs with Newron & AWS, Oracle, Google Cloud and Private Cloud


Flexible and Secure Deployment Options

We prioritise your data security and privacy by providing a range of hosting options. Choose from private cloud, secure partnerships with trusted providers such as AWS, Oracle, and Google, or opt for Newron’s professionally managed models. Full control and utmost security - tailored to your needs.

Optimised custom LLMs for your business needs with Newron AI


Tailored Models for Your Needs

We offer a bespoke service to customise AI models based on your enterprise requirements. With a transparent process, we fine-tune the models to align perfectly with your data and specific needs, ensuring an optimised solution that delivers the best results

Superior customer support for your custom LLMs with Newron AI


Superior Customer Support for Your Success

Recognising the novelty of creating applications based on language models, we provide unrivalled customer support. Our dedicated support and development teams are available to collaborate closely with you as needed, ensuring a smooth and successful development process.

Enterprise-Scale Computer Vision

Addressing vision-related issues remains a daunting challenge within the software industry, requiring multi-domain expertise and collaboration. At Newron, we're equipped with exactly the right resources and have established efficient pipelines to ensure quality model delivery.

Our proficiency extends to several aspects of visual data processing, including real-time video processing, depth extraction from visual data, object detection, model compression, and document understanding.

Dedicated to addressing any AI-related challenges you might encounter, we stand ready to turn your problems into opportunities for growth.

Computer Vision is one of specialities at NewronAI
Intelligent Object Detection and Distance Heatmap Computer Vision Solution for Enterprise Scale Applications


Real-Time Object Detection and Distance Heatmap

Our in-house, custom-developed model takes object detection to the next level. Not only does it identify objects, but it also gauges their distance from the camera with an impressive accuracy of over 97% and all in real time. Remarkably, this groundbreaking model is capable of running on a CPU, enhancing its utility and accessibility.

Advanced Document and Human Pose Understanding Computer Vision Solution for Enterprise Scale Applications


Advanced Document and Human Pose Understanding

Our custom models are equipped to perform specialised understanding tasks like never before, including human pose and document comprehension. Notably, our models can discern human poses even under potential obscurity and interpret documents, regardless of poor lighting conditions. Experience unparalleled precision and versatility in understanding tasks with our solutions.

State of the Art Model Compression Computer Vision Solution for Enterprise Scale Applications


State of the Art Model Compression

Leveraging our proprietary pruning and quantisation algorithms, we've achieved the ability to accelerate model performance up to 100 times without compromising accuracy. This can be utilised for deployments on both the edge and the cloud. Our groundbreaking approach enhances the delivery of accurate models in real-time environments, thereby revolutionising efficiency and speed in AI solutions.

Delivering Next-Gen Software 3.0

At Newron, we're at the forefront of the Software 3.0 evolution, harnessing the capabilities of Large Language Models (LLM) - a powerful synergy of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our methods enhance the processing of complex, high-dimensional data, addressing critical issues like data privacy, model transparency, and skill development in this fast-paced field.

The emergence of Software 3.0, paired with the use of LLM, signals a new age of scalability and efficiency in handling intricate software demands. Under our guidance, software development is transforming to be more streamlined, cost-efficient, and potent than ever before.

Software 3.0 expertise at Newron
Newron brings unprecedented robustness and flexibility to your software 3.0 needs


Unprecedented Robustness and Flexibility

One of the key advantages of Software 3.0 lies in its robustness and flexibility. Its capacity to continuously learn and improve over time makes it capable of handling unpredictable scenarios and adjusting to evolving requirements. This ability to adapt and grow with changing needs ensures a level of robustness and resilience traditional software often lacks.

Newron streamlines your operations through AI and machine learning


Streamlining Operations through AI and Machine Learning

Software 3.0's integration of AI and machine learning results in streamlined operations. Tasks that were once labor-intensive and time-consuming can now be automated, reducing human error and increasing overall efficiency. This not only enhances operational productivity but also frees up your workforce to focus on more strategic and creative tasks.

Newron enhances your user experience through AI and machine learning

Enhanced Ux

Enhancing User Experience through AI and Machine Learning

The incorporation of AI and machine learning in Software 3.0 paves the way for a more intuitive and personalized user experience. It can predict user behavior, anticipate needs, and provide tailored services. This ability to offer a more personalized interaction leads to higher user satisfaction and engagement, thus improving the overall user experience.

Newron the official AI delivery partner of Nvidia

Nvidia's official solution partner of choice!

Yes! We are officially on team green! Newron is now an official partner of Nvidia.

Contribution to Community

Our team at Newron, always filled with immense enthusiasm, is perpetually passionate about actively returning the favour with our meaningful contributions to the Open Source community.

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