Powering Innovation with Open Source: Newron's Contribution to the Community

At Newron, we believe in the transformative power of open source. We're proud to contribute to the global open source community, fostering innovation and accelerating technological advancements. Our open source projects not only reflect our commitment to transparency and collaboration, but they also provide invaluable resources for developers worldwide. Join us in driving the future of AI and Software 2.0.

Vaani - Data Curation Tool

This enables users to assign manage, data curation task for mass level. Tasks can be completed on Whatsapp. This is built to help team working on Project Vaani.

Cortex: Web Crawler

Electron based web crawler. The behaviour of the crawler can be configured based on the config file. Data is stored in from of pdf.

Vaani - Data Hosting Tool

This enables team at IISc, Bengaluru to host collected and curated data and make it available for public use. Data can be filtered depending on various filters.